Material Prices For Roofing

Material Prices For Roofing And Replacement

Whether you are first time homeowner or a veteran, there are other roofing materials that you need to consider beyond the US standard of asphalt. They include clay type which are made from natural clay, slate which are also made from natural clay but processed differently, wood shake made from natural material such as redwood and cedar and concrete that mimics the appearance of ceramic tiles or wood. The cost of these roofing materials varies depending on quality and size of the material.

Steep roof ready to be refinished.

Additional Roofing Factors To Consider When Choosing A Roof For Your Home


If your roof is difficult to access or if there are power lines or tree branches near, the cost of roof installation or replacement will increase.

Type Of Home

The overall design of your house will determine how much it will cost to install or replace your roof. If your house roof is too steep or if it is too tall, there will likely be an added labor cost associated with the replacement of addition of tiles here. Additionally, if the roofing contractor needs to rent specialized equipment such as a life, they will pass that cost down to you. 

Structural Issues

No licensed and insured roofer will replace or install a roof on a home with structural damage. Check with your local home inspector to determine if your home has any structural weaknesses.

Permits and Licenses

The overall cost of obtaining permits and licenses will likely be rolled into your quote as the roofing contractor is required to have these permits as a part of doing business. Again, it may be useful to check with a home inspector if any specialty permits are required for your project.

Roof Replacement vs Re-roofing

If you are planning to replace your entire roof with a new one, you will have to pay to have the old roof removed which includes the cost associated with removing your old asphalt. However, if you only have one layer of asphalt shingles on your home, then an additional layer may be placed over them pending the weight limitations of your homes construction.  You will have to factor in the cost associated with disposing the old roofing material, and purchasing the new material if you are going for a full roof replacement. The slope and pitch of the roof can also increase the cost.

Flashing And Gutter Replacement

Experts recommended that you should have the professional replace your flashing and gutters when installing or replacing your roof. If you have both of them done at the same time, the cost of installing them will be reduced when you bundle services together. 


It is very important to consider the warranty that the manufacture and the contractor gives you for the products and services rendered respectively. Be very careful and read details carefully to know what the warrant covers and for how long.

Final Verdict For Roof Replacement and Re-roofing

In conclusion, if you are thinking of installing a new roof or replacing the old one, there are various factors that you need to consider as mentioned above. To get the best deal, be patient and conduct your own research to know exactly what you are getting into before you make your final decision.