Storm Door Installation and Costs

Storm Door Costs

Many homeowners are looking for ways to increase their home’s energy efficiency. A great way to conserve energy and make your home more efficient is by installing replacement doors and windows that have been optimized for maximum insulation and will significantly reduce energy costs. Installing a new storm door is usually the most cost effective and easiest way of beginning to modernize your home.

Replacing a storm door is easy, if you follow the correct procedure. Begin by measuring the size of your old storm door and the size of the entrance. You certainly won’t want to purchase a door that is too large or too small for your entryway. Double-check the measurements of the flange that connects the door to the house. Measure both the height and the width of the entrance, or the height and width of the door you are replacing.

Home in the winter during a snowfall with a new storm door.

Security of your family will always remain a prime concern. Thus when selecting any of the security devices available, it should be done with proper care so that it serves you the best – in terms of security as well as better on your pocket. When selecting a Security Storm Door you need to take into consideration various factors. Of these the 3 main factors you need to consider are:

Size of the Storm Door

The storm door you select must fit in precisely with your exterior doors. Mismatching the sizes of either can be an easy target for any burglar to be able to pry around. Measuring the dimensions of the exterior door can help aid in the selection process. This will also determine the appropriate size required.

Type of Storm Doors and Security

Selecting the right type of security door is very important. There are several types available made from glass, aluminum, and wood. A security door for storms should be selected based upon your geographic region so it’s strong enough to withstand the weather and to make any potential intruder second guess breaking into your home. Besides checking the construction materials of the door, it is also important to consider the hardware used for these, like the deadbolts, non-reversible hinges, key locked systems, etc. These make them even stronger and harder to fidget with and breaks.

Costs Involved In Storm Door Purchase and Installation

Before purchasing a security storm door, calculate your budget for buying and installing the door. Storm doors are mostly available as kits with almost all the necessary hardware and accessories required for its installation. Determine if you’d like to install it yourself.  Otherwise keep reading for choosing the right contractor.

Security storm doors are also available in different designs, thus besides security these doors adds value to your entrance and makes it appear more elegant.

Security of your home and your family is very important. A new security storm door makes your home more secure, and you more assured about the security when you are at home or away.

Choosing The Right Storm Door Installation Team

White storm door with windows on the side and above.

Storm door installed over a large solid wood door. Side windows were installed by a window contractor at the same time. Photo:

If after going through all your options you decide to hire a team, we recommend hiring a professional contractor. Over the years, we have always turned to window and door companies. Window installation teams are commonly involved in door and storm door replacement because many homeowners pair smaller solid windows with a door. Therefore, it is recommended to identify what you are looking for in a door and if you would like to replace any decorative windows around it. Take your design to a window contractor, and request an estimate.

Insist that the contractor comes to your home to review the job before you make any payments. Always remember to ask for references as well as a warranty on their work.